Nike Air Force 1 Hyperfuse

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Sneakers

Viewed as blasphemous by purists, the so called “hybrid” or “fusion” designs are often lambasted as “concepts that lacked imagination” or simply as “marketing ploy”, A conjuncture applied to most with exception of one, the Air Force One Foamposite which debuted last summer during the World Basketball Festival. From its success and acceptance by evenly the staunchest of critics, Nike Sportswear will release its follow-up next month, the Air Force One Hyperfuse. Liken to the Foamposite construction, which requires a special molding method, the Hyperfuse relies on composite bonding under high heat and pressure (see animation below). The unorthodox methodology ensures stability, breathability and durability. It also creates an unique silhouette against the traditional backdrop of the AF1. 6 solid yet vibrant colorways will be available during the first run, with more to follow in the coming months.  Via Freshness Mag

Release Date: July 2011



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